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a love of God, a love of learning

Above all, we strive to provide an education that produces a love for God and a love for learning. Everything we do at KWCS is filtered through this purpose.

We believe that every child is born a person, uniquely made in the image of God. Not a placeholder that will one day be a person, but a person capable of the duty and delight of learning. We believe that every person is created with an innate desire to know and a curiosity to see the beauty of the world - a world created by a God of that loves them and calls them to love others. 


Our school provides a comprehensive and distinctly Christian approach that engages each child via a whole-person, Charlotte Mason inspired approach to education.  This way of learning leads teachers to present children with a "feast of ideas" by studying many different subjects - literature, poetry, science, history, art, composer study, nature study, foreign language and music.   Students acquire a thirst for knowledge and a lifelong joy of learning, established in a deep appreciation for the truth and wisdom found in a FULL spectrum of subjects.

Our Mission

It is the mission of King's Way Cooperative School to PARTNER with parents to provide what Charlotte Mason called a “living education,” where each child is exposed to a rich and rigorous curriculum in an atmosphere that is engaging and meaningful.   Our primary concern pertains to the kind of student each child is becoming. With high expectations and supportive teachers who mentor and guide students and parents, the potential of our students and families is unlimited.  

Our Values

This view of the child as a responsible person who needs encouragement and nurturing leads to several key values that guide instruction and learning.

  • Honoring the Infinite Potential and Dignity of Each Child as a Whole Person

  • Cultivating the Priority of the Relational Life - In Relation to God, Self, Others, Creation, and the World of Ideas

  • Ensuring a Non-Competitive, Stimulating, and Beautiful Academic Atmosphere

  • Providing a Generous Feast of Ideas to Nourish Minds and Hearts

  • Collaborating with Families to Strengthen Their Community

  • Helping Each Child Develop Discipline of Habit to Form Sound Character for a Lifetime

  • Facilitating a  Living Education through an Idea-Rich Atmosphere

  • Inspiring Virtue through Engagement of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in all Studies

We believe the values above provide the fertile soil for lifelong growth of our students, our school, and our community.

An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing.

 Charlotte Mason